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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Astrid's favorite YouTube videos

Here are links to some of Astrid's favorite YouTube videos.

She pretty much likes anything with cats, dogs and babies. I was getting bored (and so is she) with watching "funny cats" over and over again, so I decided to find some videos/songs for her in German.
Lady and the Tramp-What is a Baby/La La Lu (German)
This one is super cute because you can see the baby in the crib towards the end. Astrid waits for when the mommy pulls back the blanket to show Lady (the dog) the newborn baby. Astrid always requests this video when I do her hair. It's the only way now I can get her to sit still so I can put her hair in ponytails.

Lady and the Tramp - Siamese cat song (German + subs)
Probably my favorite as well. I always loved the Siamese cat song in Lady and the Tramp, but in German it's even better. There's a part where one cat looks at the other and says, "Naturlich!"Aristocats - Scales and Arpeggios (German)
This is the scene where the kittens play and sing at the piano. Again, very cute.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how different our kids grow up? (compared to ourselves) .. I recall that all I had were the vinyl records of all those disney films ... thus i know the songs by heart.

You might be interested in downloading this player which is great for actually saving your favourite youtube videos and then play them later in full screen mode ... great when on the road and not connected.

Rose said...

Thanks for the tip!