Saturday, March 14, 2009

Astrid's wish to blur the gender lines

"I wish I could be like that," said Astrid this morning while watching Angelina Ballerina.

(After each cartoon they feature real dancers, many of them children.)

I thought she was referring to being a ballerina.

Instead Astrid remarked, "A boy."

She was referring to the boy dancer.

"Someday I'll grow up to be like that," said Astrid.

I've always tried to steer her away from stereotypical female toys, costumes, and play. Last Halloween while most of her friends were Fairies & Princesses, Astrid was a Firefighter. Once she told me she wanted to be Nurse and I said, "Why not a Doctor?" I hope this helps strengthen her self esteem and self resolve to go after what she wants in life and dream big (without the gender limitations that have plagued woman over the years).

"Become the man you always wanted to marry," is one of my favorite quotes for women made by Cher.

Don't get me wrong - Astrid is just as girlie as others her age and loves to dress up and play with her dolls. But it's important for me as her mother to show her that there's more to being a woman than just taking care of babies and looking pretty. You can be feminine and be intelligent, strong, athletic, and successful.

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