Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I thought the "I know it all" stage came later

"It's not funny. It's FUNNY!" (This is her response when told it's not funny.)

"It's not 'Weihnachten', it's 'Christmas'!" (Weihnachten is Christmas in German.)

"No mommy. Rose!" (Astrid has gotten it in her head to call me "Rose". When I correct her and tell her I'm mommy, she tells me I'm not mommy that I'm Rose."

"No baby. I Astrid." (When she found the right puzzle piece I said to her, "Good job baby." She responded that she's not a baby; that she's Astrid. Sheesh.)

"Not Angel. Just Astrid!" (Astrid called for her Papa and he responded, "Yes my angel." Astrid in turn said she was not an angel and her name was Astrid."

"Papa you have to share!" (As you can guess - said when she can't have something.)

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