Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm done! (aka please come wipe my butt)

I have to jot this down, as one day Astrid will stop shouting this from the bathroom, and I'll have completely forgotten all about this sitcom situation with the little one.

Before Astrid goes to the bathroom she will tell U. & I that she is going pee and/or poop and then says she will tell us when she's ready. After a few minutes we hear "I'm done!" shouted from the bathroom. Meaning - Mama/Papa come wipe me!

Sometimes it's a false alarm and as soon as we rush to the bathroom we're met with "I mean I'm not done yet!" or "Just kidding!"

It's classic stuff. Sometimes U. & I will be eating dinner, or right in the middle of something when we hear "I'm done!" being shouted from the bathroom and we'll both look at each other - no words are exchanged - and one of us will say, "I'll go."

U. asked me by what age do kid's wipe themselves. I have yet to google this. Astrid has started wiping herself at school, but when she's at home she prefers Mama & Papa wipe her (and if it's #2 we prefer it as well.) But just like the diaper stage, it will be nice when the wiping stage ends, and then we're off to yet another stage.



Bronteblomhoj said...

nice blog. stumbled on it as my daughter Astrid has a blog too

Bronte (in London, England)

Peter said...

we still keep here 'ho fatto' (i am done) in Italian ... so, we are close to age 6 ... but while he sometimes takes care of himself, he knows that mom and dad do a cleaner job. .. U. might recall yelling 'fertiiiiich'

Peter said...

here = hear .. stupid typo

Jamie said...

Somewhere between 5 and 6 is when I became wipe-competent. Weird that I remember that...