Friday, May 08, 2009

Astrid's Multicultural Spring Recital

Astrid's preschool had their Spring recital and the theme was "Multicultural."
In order to celebrate diversity and have all cultures represented, they asked us parents to dress our children in traditional dress, red/white/blue Patriotic American, Hawaiian, etc.
Astrid had a speaking part at this recital as well. (Her first speaking part was at her Winter Recital last December.) I was happy to see Astrid's name listed on the 1st page under "Opening Speech". (Last year they left out her name in error.) Astrid dressed as an "All American Cowgirl".

Bonus: I didn't have to go out and buy anything new. Astrid had the dress, and I had the scarf, and I borrowed the black cowboy hat and boots from her nanny. They fit perfectly. Yee-haw!Howdy partner!
Standing with the kids backstage. There were lots of Indian and Chinese costumes, as well as Hawaiian shirts and dresses.
See this a lot with a finger in her mouth & have to remind her to take it out.
They had posters around the auditorium about different countries and cultures. Funny that Germany and South Korea were right next to each other - since Astrid's heritage is German & Korean (American).
Our fearless little one standing on stage next to her microphone, ready to give her opening speech.
She looked so adorable!

There were 2 kids speaking ahead of Astrid, so I was all set to hit "record" with her speech which was the 3rd. But the 2nd kid either got stage fright, or took a bit too long to start and Astrid started. So I missed the beginning part of her speech. U. has a better video. (Which *ahem* he still needs to give me.)
Her speech went like this:
Buenos Dias.
Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Thank you.
Try saying Pledge of Allegiance loud and fast - it's a mouthful. I was so proud of her. She said her lines perfectly.

Another video - with a bit of choreography.
It's a Small World.In her element on stage. She loves singing and dancing and performing.
Cute little cowgirl.
I sat down in the front to get some close up pics.
At one point she spotted me and waved back. All the kids on stage.
After the show was over, Astrid posed with one of her teachers Ms. Kimberly and some of her classmates.

Astrid posing with her friend Leah.Astrid posing with her friend Diego.
The school was closed for the day, for the recital. (Even daycare was not available in the afternoon, which is a bit annoying for working parents.) So I took the day off and we went to Amy's Playground (where Astrid had her birthday party) afterwards to play and spent the rest of the day together.

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