Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 1 in her big girl bed

I was prepared for Astrid coming into our room this morning as soon as she woke up in her big girl bed. But nope. It was more of the same...calling for us as soon as she woke up. "Mama!" Guess it's a force of habit.

My response? "Astrid go back to bed!" It was 5 AM. That's early for us and her. She normally sleeps in until 6. And she did go back to sleep for like 30 minutes and then she was up again. Since our bedrooms are right next to each other, we can hear one another so when she started calling for me again I shouted back, "Come to Mama's room! Bring your blanket." That was U.'s turn to get up and go to the couch to get some much needed sleep. I was hoping she'd sleep with me for a bit, but after a few minutes she got up and went into the other room to bug U. (who is a morning person).

When she went back into her bedroom later in the morning she looked at her bed and exclaimed that it was "beautiful!" U. and I are both happy that she likes her new bedroom set. U. finished putting together the wardrobe cabinets and drawers this afternoon.

For today's nap, she wanted to sleep in mama and papa's bed - which has become a habit on weekends. (Today we're off for the Memorial Day holiday). But since we just purchased and assembled her new bed yesterday, we want her to get into the habit of sleeping in her own bed. She was having none of it, and wanted to sleep with me, so I crawled up there with her and fell asleep. Half an hour later, after reading several books to herself and seeing mom (me) crashed out, Astrid fell asleep next to me. I snuck out as quietly as I could, but about 30 minutes later U. got up and started walking around, making noise, and our dog started barking, so she woke up.

Then this evening she was beat. We were out late shopping and then it took awhile for me to finish cooking dinner. So it was a breeze putting her to sleep for the night. She wanted to play a little bit, but after my routine of bedtime songs, she quickly fell asleep.

We'll see how tomorrow morning will shape up. I hope she sleeps in until 6. Or if she doesn't, to come into our room and sleep a little bit longer curled up beside me. That would be nice. I'm looking forward to not having to jump outta bed every morning once the calling starts - now that she can get in and out of her big girl bed on her own.

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