Sunday, April 01, 2007

Keeping up with the Jones' (Astrid can say her name & age)

Uwe and I aren't the type who worry about what everyone else has in terms of material things. However we have a totally different kind of a "Keeping up with the Jones'."

In a classroom setting like Astrid's gymnastics class, we'd like Astrid to be able to say her name and how old she is. Granted she's in a class with many older kids who can say full sentences, but she's in this class because the younger class was not challenging enough for her physical development.

So today we taught Astrid to say her own name and age. Astrid is a difficult name to say. But lo and behold Astrid was able to repeat it back to us. When prompted with "What's your name?" She would answer "Astrid" in the cutest little baby voice. When we ask, "How old are you?" Astrid will say "Two" and try to hold up 2 fingers.

We're going to keep it up so that next time Uwe and Astrid are at the Little Gym, when sitting in a circle and she's asked her name and how old she is, she'll be able to answer in that adorable baby voice of her and make her parents proud.

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