Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poop humor

This evening Astrid had her animal book open to this page and she kept saying "poop...poop...poop" and pointing to her book. I looked down at the page and saw she was pointing to the picture of the log and had to laugh out loud.


Trailhead said...

I love it.

Lewis said...

I can see where she'd get confused.....I mean, we "adults" (and I use the term loosely) call them "logs" from time to time for some raunchy reason. Do you guys ever stop laughing of there? And, of course, you'll remember this:

Anonymous said...

Rose and Uwe, stumbled across your blogs whilst looking for information on an appropriate gift to give a little girl for her Tol (no luck yet!).. but as a new mum myself, your blogs were so touching and are so beautiful and loving. Astrid is a very lucky little baby.
P.S. Venice stole my heart too!
Cate in Australia

Matthew said...

So cute! It's funny how kids can make bathroom humor cute.

It's nice to see you post again!